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Sell or trade-in your IT hardware with Bytestock

Sell or trade-in your IT hardware with Bytestock

Make the most of the value in your unused or surplus IT hardware and sell to us. We purchase used IT equipment for cash or can offer trade-in/credit value against your unwanted items.

The Bytestock team are experts at unlocking the value in used IT hardware, firmly believing in two things:

1. The majority of businesses do not need to pay full RRP for the latest IT products

2. We all have a responsibility not to burden the environment by disposing of perfectly useable hardware

Selling your unused IT hardware to Bytestock is the perfect way to extend your IT budget, or even reclaim resources to put towards other areas of your business.

We buy a variety of IT systems and components and can even arrange uninstalls and collection. From CPUs and hard drives all the way up to complete blade enclosure systems and data center rigs.

All purchased or traded equipment will be processed at our main warehouse, with all storage components going through industry-standard secure data erasure procedures.

We’re interested in all brands of IT hardware and will consider any items from any manufacturer.

Bytestock money in IT hardware

Get a quote from the Bytestock team

To see how much value you can unlock from your used and unused hardware, get in touch with the Bytestock purchasing team now:

  • Send a list of your unused IT equipment to [email protected]
  • One of the Bytestock team will get back to you with an offer
  • Bytestock collects agreed items
  • All items are reviewed, tested and securely wiped
  • You receive direct payment or trade-in value in credit

If you’re unsure of anything, give our team a call on +44 (0) 1753 965 777

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