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Dell PowerEdge R6525

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Configure Your Own Dell 15th Generation Server

The Dell PowerEdge R6525 is a high-performance server that helps businesses manage their computing workloads efficiently. It has powerful hardware components and advanced features that deliver fast and reliable performance, making it great for all business sizes. 

 This versatile server can support various computing workloads, like virtualisation, cloud computing, and data analytics. Businesses can run multiple applications and services simultaneously without any issues. 

The Dell PowerEdge R6525 is scalable and can be easily expanded to meet the growing demands of businesses as their computing needs increase. It supports up to two AMD EPYC processors, 4TB of ​​memory, and 24 NVMe drives. This makes it a powerful and versatile server that can be customised to meet any business's needs.

Dell PowerEdge R6525 Spec Sheet

Dell PowerEdge R6525 Technical Guide

Take advantage of Dell's 15th Generation Servers and configure your server today!

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