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Dell PowerEdge R540

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Refurbished 14th Generation Dell PowerEdge R540

  • The PowerEdge R540 server is versatile and flexible and can be used for various applications.

  • This product is designed to be affordable and adaptable, making it ideal for modern data centres.

  • It provides a good balance of resources, expandability, and affordability, ensuring efficient operation.

  • With its automatic performance optimisation feature, you can optimise performance with just a single click.

  • This product can be scaled up to 14 3.5" drives to meet future storage demands.

  • It can be used for various applications such as virtualisation, video streaming, web technology, data analytics, and mail and messaging.

  • This product comes with built-in diagnostic tools and Support Assist, ensuring maximum uptime with minimal effort.

Dell PowerEdge R540 Spec Sheet

Dell PowerEdge R540 Technical Guide

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