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Dell PCI-E to M.2 High Profile BOSS SATA Controller Card - 7HYY4

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Availability: In stock
Key Features
  • DELL
  • Product Description
    Dell PowerEdge servers provide a scalable business architecture that can assist you in adjusting to your shifting business realities and can be tailored to handle your specific workloads from traditional infrastructure to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and software defined storage. The most recent Dell PowerEdge servers offer a simpler, more affordable method of separating data and the operating system (OS) on server-internal storage. BOSS uses one or two read-intensive (Boot Class) M.2 SATA Solid State Devices (SSDs), which can be used in Hardware RAID 1 or in "pass-through" mode. Many customers prefer to separate their operating system drives from their data drives and need Hardware RAID Mirror (RAID1) for their operating system drives, especially those implementing HCI and SDS. The BOSS solution frees up additional drive slots to be used for "data set" devices while also providing this distinct HWRAID functionality for the OS drives.
    Additional Information
    Manufacturer DELL
    HDD Form Factor M.2
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