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HP Z8 G4

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The new HP Z8 G4 workstation is one of the first dual-processor workstations to use Intel's latest Xeon Scalable processors. Scalable CPUs can support up to 56 physical cores, 38.5MB of cache, and processor speeds of up to 3.8GHz. It also has substantially more memory and storage than the previous generation and is certain not to disappoint in terms of performance, security, and expansion capacity.

The Z8 G4 is powered by Intel's new Scalable processor family and can accommodate up to two processors with up to 28 cores each. It can easily perform the most sophisticated tasks, such as simulations, machine learning, and real-time 8K video editing, thanks to two processors that support up to 56 cores.

Memory capacity is outstanding, with 24 memory slots supporting up to 3TB of high-speed memory in a dual-processor configuration. Memory speeds of up to 2666MHz are available when equipped with suitable processors, an upgrade over HP's Z840, which had memory speeds capped at 2400MHz. Xeon Scalable processors support six memory channels with two memory slots each.

Storage options are flexible, with the system supporting up to 42TB using a combination of the four internal drive bays, up to four drives in the 5.25-inch optical drive bays, dual M.2 modules loaded into the PCIe slots above CPUs 0 and 1, and one of HP's Z Turbo Quad drive carriers that support up to four M.2 storage devices. The system's four drive bays may accommodate either one 2.5" or one 3.5" drive. A drive tray adapter will let the front two 5.25" media bays to support one big form factor drive or two small form factor drives each for increased storage capacity.

Bytestock has a large inventory of new and refurbished HP Z8 G4 Workstations.

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