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HP Z640

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The HP Z640 Workstation is intended for data - intensive applications such as sophisticated imaging, CAD, finance, research, and geologic exploration. The system may be quickly modified to satisfy user-specific needs and device support, and it has greater customization choices than prior Z-Series versions. Improved expandability, faster throughput speeds and efficiency, tool-free component changes, and integrated handles are among the new features.

Users can select one or two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 or E5-2600 v4 processors, or a single E5-1600 v3 or E5-1600 v4 processor. In a two-processor arrangement, the Z640 can accommodate up to 22 cores per CPU for a total of 44 cores. Users can begin with a single processor and rapidly scale by adding a unique CPU riser board that supports a second processor and four additional memory slots. Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, and Thunderbolt technology are also supported, resulting in faster performance.

Only Registered (RDIMM) and Load-Reduced (LRDIMM) memory modules are supported; however, they cannot be combined. Non-Uniform Memory Allocation (NUMA) is also enabled, allowing users to combine memory modules of varying capacities. When using 32GB LRDIMM modules in a dual processor system, a maximum capacity of 256GB is possible, or up to 128GB when using 16GB RDIMM modules.

This system can store up to 16TB of data on enterprise-class SATA HDDs. Using the integrated RAID functionality, RAID combinations of 0, 1, 5, and 10 are possible. With two AHCI controllers, you receive improved storage performance and a slew of new features, including as HP's Performance Advisor, Turbo Drive, TRIM command support for SSDs, and Native command queuing. These technologies provide significant performance advantages, such as auto-optimized command execution, automatic settings, and upgrades, which make your life easier. TRIM for SSDs increases longevity, while Turbo Drive lowers bottlenecks, resulting in faster boot times, faster rendering of graphics or video, and faster results of large calculations. A terabyte of storage can be added with the optional PCIe HP Z Turbo Drive G2 SSD, which takes up one or two PCie 3.0 x4 slots. Optional PCIe SSDs can be used for speedier boot times, or customers can choose a removable boot drive.

Bytestock has a large inventory of new and refurbished HP Z640 Workstations.

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