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Dell PowerVault ME4024

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The inexpensive, straightforward, and efficient Dell EMC PowerVaultME4024  is optimised to operate a variety of physical and virtual mixed workload applications for small enterprises. Whether you need to consolidate your block storage, handle the demands of data-intensive applications, take advantage of intelligent data management, or optimise your virtual environments, the ME4024 has been developed to meet the expanding needs of your organisation. The ME4024 allows you to choose the protocol, supports a broad variety of mixed drive types (including SED), scalable to 4PB raw, is well aligned with Dell PowerEdge Servers, and comes with all-inclusive software – everything you'll need to store, manage, and protect your data.

Based on the Intel processor family, the Dell EMC PowerVault ME4024 implements a block architecture with VMware virtualization integration and concurrent support for native iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and SAS protocols. Each system utilises dual storage processors (single storage processor systems are also available) with a 12Gb SAS backend. Disk Array Enclosures (DAEs) augment storage capacity, whereas Distributed RAID (ADAPT) expedites the rebuilding of drives. In addition, all ME4 Series arrays are maintained via an HTML5 web-based user interface.

Two non-dense ME4 base arrays begin at 2U, whereas the dense ME4024 base array begins at 5U. Models incorporate dual controllers with Dual-core Intel Xeon CPUs, 8GB per controller, and 4x10Gb iSCSI, 4x12Gb SAS, and 4x16Gb FC network interfaces (auto-negotiation supported on iSCSI and FC)

Bytestock offers a broad assortment of new and reconditioned Dell PowerVault ME4024s.

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