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Dell PowerVault MD3060E

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The MD3060e dense enclosure makes server expansion economical. It enhances the capacity and performance of Dell PowerEdge server workloads. The flexible mix-and-match hard drive option provides greater capacity than ever before, allowing you to conserve space in your data centre and save energy and cooling costs. Administrators can scale without interruption to meet application demands and manage data with ease via the host server.

With the MD3060e's modular design, you can select the capacity you need now, knowing that you may expand simply in the future. In addition, the 4U high-density enclosures occupy less space than smaller form factor enclosures containing the same amount of hard drives.
Reduce the time spent storing and managing your data. The MD3060e dense enclosure may accommodate up to 60 hard drives (2.5" or 3.5").
And because your storage requirements will almost certainly increase, you can upgrade capacity as needed. Behind a single server, the 60-HDD enclosure may grow from 60 to 240 drives when expanded to its maximum DAS capacity. Imagine storing more than a petabyte of data in less than one-half of a rack. Using 10TB hard drives, the MD3060e enclosures can store up to 2.4 exabytes of data at maximum capacity.

The MD3060e dense enclosure can be utilised in data centres to maximise storage capacity without expanding the data center's size. This capacity solution for servers is designed for Dell PowerEdge R630, R730, and R730xd servers. The MD3060e provides 6Gbps SAS connectivity with a host bus adapter (HBA1), allowing administrators to conveniently manage data through the host server and scale in response to application demands.

Administrators can scale applications without interruption to meet demand. The MD3060e offers a variety of drive type possibilities. You can mix and match 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives using NL-SAS, SAS, or SSDs (solid-state drives) within the same enclosure based on your capacity and performance needs.
By connecting four MD3060e enclosures to a PowerEdge server, you may increase your storage capacity to almost 2PB of data while consuming less than one-half of a conventional rack.

Bytestock sells an extensive selection of new and refurbished Dell PowerVault MD3060e's.

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