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Dell PowerVault MD1400

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Dell EMC delivers the most advanced technology in the MD Series of direct-attach storage enclosures, which are designed to enhance the storage capacity of your server. The MD1400 provides inexpensive storage expansion with double the speed using 12Gbps SAS connectivity to accommodate your expanding application demands.

As data continues to expand, the requirement to store and retrieve it increases dramatically. The Dell EMC MD Series provides Dell PowerEdge servers with cost-effective storage expansion. The MD1400 is intended to scale capacity behind Dell PowerEdge servers without exceeding your storage budget. When cost is a concern and you need to optimise your cost per terabyte, the MD Series offers a straightforward and cost-effective option that meets your performance needs.
The intelligence of the Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) H830 or H840 HostRAID adapter, which enables the software to detect all of your storage as a single unit, contributes to the improvement of reliability and fault tolerance. Behind a PowerEdge server with a 12Gb SAS HBA or PERC9 series with a 12Gb RAID controller, up to eight MD enclosures can be installed. Either arrangement provides a suitable storage solution when directly attached to your PowerEdge server, delivering an end-to-end performance-centric 12Gb solution.

The MD Series provides the flexibility necessary to satisfy your storage capacity and performance needs. The MD1400 versions are designed to work with the most recent PowerEdge servers utilising the PERC H830 or H840 RAID controllers with 12Gbps SAS, providing unsurpassed I/O performance for database workloads, streaming digital media environments, and storage-intensive applications.

The MD1400 is a 2U, 12-drive enclosure that supports 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch hard drives (with specially designed carriers). This type can accommodate up to eight enclosures and 96 hard drives under a PowerEdge server.

Bytestock carries a comprehensive selection of new and reconditioned Dell PowerVault MD1400s.

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